There’s no such thing as too many heifers!

Sexed products are the latest technology, so they need a careful approach, high-level farm management and a clear plan to increase livestock. Otherwise, the disadvantages of using this sperm will prevail over its advantages. “Moloko Vitchyzny” LLC started inseminating with sexed semen six years ago – studied on selected animals.

New standards in veterinary medicine are being implemented in Ukraine

About 6 000 cattle are kept on the farms of “Moloko Vitchyzny” company. We raise Holstein breeding heifers that meet world standards and all veterinary requirements. Conditions, modern equipment and constant veterinary control on our farms allow us to breed healthy livestock. We always comply with all the requirements of the law, so we want […]

Organization of work in a weekly rhythm: tasks, protocols, motivation

The magazine “Milk and Farm” in the May issue published the article by Fedir Roshka the CEO of the company “Moloko Vitchyzny”. He shared with the readers his experience in organizing farm work and the secrets of building an efficient and coherent team.

Reduction in the number of cattle in Ukraine

As of April 1, 2020, there are 3366.6 million cattle heads in Ukraine, of which 1780.6 million are dairy cattle. The total number of cattle decreased by 7.2% compared to the analyzed period of 2019 (3629.0 million heads) – according to the website with reference to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

Team of LLC “Moloko Vitchyzny” in Germany!

Our team visited Agritechnica – the largest specialized exhibition of agricultural machinery in the world. Agritechnica exhibitors have a great potential to connect with manufacturers and visitors from all over the world – from Europe, Asia and America. We couldn’t miss such an event with our attention!

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