Dual Education Center

December 23, 2021 on the basis of a renovated farm in the village Maryevka MolokoVitchyzny LLC opened the only one Center for Dual Education in Ukraine! This is a joint project of Moloko Vitchyzny and Sumy National Agrarian University.

The opening of the center greatly expands the opportunities for specialist education and training of qualified personnel in the field of veterinary medicine. From now on, SNAU students will be able to combine university studies with on-the-job training – to get acquainted with the peculiarities of work in order to acquire a certain qualification directly on the job. In addition, the farm in the village Maryevka was completely renovated this year and is equipped with the latest technologies in animal husbandry. Dual education helps to bridge the gap between theory and practice, education and production. The theoretical part of the training takes place on the basis of Sumy National Agrarian University, and the practical part – at the workplace, in real conditions, on the farm of  Moloko Vitchyzny LLC. Students combine study and internships at the company. This is a truly large-scale long-term investment in the future of Ukraine, in the new generation of farmers and the educational process.

Oleksandr Lysenko, Deputy General Director for Veterinary Medicine, has been working at the company for more than ten years. He is an experienced and qualified specialist, one of the mentors of the dual center:

“First we will teach students to love animals, and then – practical and theoretical skills. I believe that it is much easier for veterinary students to master and understand the material on surgery, anatomy, ultrasound diagnostics, insemination, introduction of veterinary drugs not from books, but directly next to a live animal. As a result, we will have students who are 100% ready to work in the field of production immediately after graduation”.

The structure of the Dual Education Center is fully adapted for convenient and effective training of young professionals. There is a fully equipped classroom for 60 people, three plasma panels, a modern projector and a screen for showing videos. There is also a department of the Agrarian University for teachers, a meeting room, a dormitory for students and staff with all the necessary amenities in the premises of the dual center.

“We offer training, first of all, to those who want to connect their future with the dairy business, with dairy farming. Our benefit and our interest – we have to offer such working conditions that the student himself expressed his desire and came to us, asked to hire him. The theory, which must be combined with practice, will be held in this office, then, after passing the exams, the student is allowed to work.

The idea appeared after the students passed our internship. We realized that sharing knowledge is good, but we need to transform and meet world standards, provide specialists, who know how to treat animals, for the company Moloko Vitchyzny and the whole Ukraine, “said CEO Fedir Roshka.

A feature of the center is a room separated from the classroom by a glass wall, where there will be a live animal, there is a special machine for cleaning hooves. And mentors and farm workers will be able to clearly demonstrate the necessary manipulations. Here it becomes possible for students to practice practical skills and techniques on a live cow, including ultrasound diagnostics, insemination, hoof cleaning and other processes.

Taras Dzebchuk, Chief Veterinary Officer of Moloko Vitchyzny, shared his impressions:

“Thanks to this project, we will be able to teach students who will come to work as trained specialists and not be afraid of animals. After all, young specialists usually see cows only on pictures in books, they do not understand that it is a living animal and do not know how to work with it. It takes about 2 years to “retrain” and adapt such a young worker. And at the Moloko Vitchyzny farm, students immediately see the real working conditions, see live cows and can consciously decide whether it is their profession or not. At the Dual Education Center, we will help to master practical skills in clinical diagnostics, surgery, obstetrics, hoof cleaning and much more. ”

Nadiya Yushchuk works as a farm manager in the village of Maryevka: “Our farm is completely renovated and equipped with modern equipment. We use the latest approaches to farm management and keep up with the times. The dual education project is a great opportunity for students not only to acquire practical skills, but also to learn about the application of innovative technologies in farm work, gain knowledge in farm management, communicate with our specialists who have extensive practical experience and will be happy to help with any questions”.

Dual Education Center in the village Maryevka is the result of wildest dreams, hard work, great efforts and resources of the whole Moloko Vitchyzny team !

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