Company’s Data

The village
of Maryevka

2 400 heads

The village
of Shpotivka

3 200 heads

The village
of Ternivka

1 500 heads

LLC «Moloko Vitchyzny» consists of three commodity dairy farms located within the Sumy oblast (two farms in the Konotop district, one – within the Sumy district).

2015-2016 – 400 heads of purebred heifers were brought to the farm from breeding factories of Ukraine, which made it possible to develop farms and increase the livestock.

2018 – 100 heads of purebred heifers of Holstein black-and-white breed from the Czech Republic were brought to the farms, although this breed is not often found in our country, because not everyone can creat the right conditions to keep them. While on the farm LLC «Moloko Vitchyzny», the latest technologies are being actively introduced, which allows to breed livestock of these animals and to provide the most productive milk yields.

As early as 2019, the company received the status of a breeding factory to breed cattle of Holstein breed and was able to provide the best conditions for animals, because the quality and quantity of milk produced by this breed is very dependent on the conditions of keeping and feeding.

From now on, the company is actively developing in this field, has ambition plans and prospects. So by 2022 we are planning to import 1 500 heads of purebred heifers.


Today, “Moloko Vitchyzny” LLC produces Extra grade milk – 85 tons per day, bulls for sale for meat – about 1000 heads per year, Holstein breeding heifers for dairy farming, as well as organic fertilizers – up to 20 000 tons per year, obtained by processing animal by-products.

In total, more than 7 000 cattle are kept on our farms. Guaranteed quality of our products is ensured through the use of high quality modern equipment with innovative software. In terms of milk quality, “Moloko Vitchyzny” LLC fully meets the requirements of DSTU (National Standards of Ukraine) 3662-2018 and even exceeds them.

We offer


85 tons of milk per day of «EXTRA» quality with high fat and protein

Sale of bulls for meat up to 1 000 heads per year each of them weighing up to 500 kg

High quality organic fertilizer (compost) of 20 000 tons per year


Purebred heifers of Holstein breed with high genetic potential of more than 12 000 kg of milk per year.

Priority areas of the company

  • Increasing the production of top-grade milk.
  • Production of quality raw materials for further processing.
  • Production of organic fertilizer and production of organic products.


To ensure confidence in a healthy future through quality raw materials and the latest resources and technologies.

Principles and goals

  • Study and implementation of new production technologies.
  • Providing livestock only with quality feedstock and safe medicine.
  • Creating comfortable conditions for keeping animals.
  • Production of only quality product.
  • Systematic improvement of the quality of manufactured products.