1000 heads per year

LLC «Moloko VitchYzny» offers bulls for meat up to a thousand heads  per year, each of them weighing up to 500 kg

LLC «Moloko Vitchyzny» was visited by a Saudi Arabia Technical Commission with the aim of evaluating the Ukrainian system of state control over live cattle breeding and exporting the products to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As a result of this visit, the Ministry of Water Resources and Agriculture of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has decided to lift the ban on the import of live cattle for slaughter and breeding due to the fact that animal health standards meet the requirements of the international epizootic bureau and the requirements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


We not only constantly maintain such high standards, but also improve and develop the conditions for keeping animals on our dairy farms. We follow the development of agricultural machinery in the field of dairy and meat farming. Our farms are equipped with the latest equipment. Constant veterinary control is carried out by experienced specialists, also we use modern technologies and equipment. Bulls from the company “Moloko Vitchyzny” are a guaranteed quality of meat products, and a healthy herd of cattle is guaranteed if our bulls are purchased for breeding. Buying live bulls from “Moloko Vitchyzny” farm will be appropriate for a large farm or a small private farm, as well as for meat processing plants and enterprises in the meat industry.


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