Updated farm of the company Moloko Vitchyzny in the village of Maryevka

There has been a lot of information lately about reducing livestock and reducing milk production.

As of January 1, 2021, the number of cattle decreased in all types of farms. In total, Ukraine keeps almost 2,9 million head of cattle, which is 192 thousand or 6,2% less than at the beginning of January 2020. Due to declining profitability, many farms are selling livestock.

However, even in today’s complex and uncertain world, there are businesses that are growing, developing and increasing production. One of such enterprises of Sumy oblast is our young and progressive company Moloko Vitchyzny.

Now we are actively reconstructing and renovating the farm in the village of Maryevka, Sumy district.

To date, the farm has about 1 600 heads of cattle. Specialists constantly care about their comfort, health and milk quality.

Reconstruction began in April last year: the feed shop was rebuilt, a new calf barn was made of it, windows were enlarged, the roof was covered, water was installed, and the total area was doubled! New drinking troughs were connected for calves, and polycarbonate windows were installed for good ventilation. Now in comfortable conditions about 500 heads of young growth of various age groups are kept here. A new modern milk pipeline and 108 drinking troughs for cows were also installed in the reconstructed cowshed №1. The farm uses the latest herd management systems: “INTESEL ORSEC”, “DeLaval”, “Uniform-Agri”, “TMR TRAKER”.

Milking machine operators especially note the introduction of the latest technologies.

Oksana Kulinka, who worked as a milkmaid for more than ten years, recalls how they used to carry milk in buckets, and  had to hand out hay and fodder by hand for cows and change the litter by hand. It was hard and exhausting work that took a lot of effort, time and resources.

Fortunately, times have changed now, new farms have appeared, where modern equipment is actively used, new approaches to the organization of work are implemented.

The milkmaids of the farm enthusiastically note the presence of a rail system for milking, new milk lines and milking machines, thanks to which extra-class milk is produced!

Nadia Yushchuk the farm manager of Maryevka tells:

“I have been working for Moloko Vitchyzny LLC since December 2018.  Started my career as a milking machine operator, a year later I became an accountant, later in 2020 I started working as a farm manager in the village of Maryevka.

Since then, our farm has changed “before our eyes”. The dairy herd and the livestock in general have increased considerably. Two cowsheds began to work. Machine milking operators milk 110 cows, and they do not carry the machines in their hands, as it was before, we have a rail system. The farm is undergoing reconstruction of barns and maternity wards.

A new calf pen was built, in which calves from 2 to 18 months live. The animals live in comfortable, convenient conditions: deep litter is provided in the calf pens. Each group of animals has its own complete diet, which provides a full range of vitamins and nutrients for animals.

The cows stand in dry stalls, each of them has a drinker and fresh food, which we pound every hour. In addition, we have made a new manure removal system in the cowshed, the manure is removed 5 times a day, so our cows are always dry and clean. The milking machine operator takes care of the cleanliness of the stall and the cow itself, and our highly qualified veterinarians take care of the health of the animals.

During my work on the farm I learned and discovered a lot: I learned to work with people, use modern technologies in animal husbandry, understand the logistics of feeding, take care of animals, organize and control production processes on the farm.

I am proud that our farm is actively implementing modern technologies: the latest milk pipeline has been installed, feed is distributed by a tractor driver on a modern tractor, the feed mixer is equipped with a computer system, in 2020 the farm also purchased an aerator to produce organic fertilizer. All of these devices and equipment greatly facilitate the physical work of our employees and reduce the burden on people, and computer systems provide much more valuable information for the most objective and accurate condition of animals and their care. So we provide the best conditions for our cows and comfortable working conditions for people. Currently, the farm employs 40 people – people from the village Maryevka and nearby villages of Sumy district. They have jobs on the farm, receive their salaries on time twice a month, and do not need to look for work abroad or elsewhere. The village is developing, many young families live in our village.

I love my job, I like working with people, I love animals. I wish the farm workers good health and patience! Together we will build a prosperous farm! ”


Oleksandr Lysenko, Deputy General Director for Veterinary Medicine, talks about the course of reconstruction and development:

“The farm in Maryevka was bought from agricultural company Severynivska in December 2018. At the time of purchase, the farm had 3 premises: a tethered cowshed, a calf and maternity ward, and three old summer cowsheds. At that time, about 800 heads of cattle were kept at the farm, including 400 cows and 400 heads of heifers with bulls.

From December 2018, we have turned the old fodder shop, where vegetable crops used to be stored, into a new modern calf pen with loose housing. Today it contains about 400 heads of heifers aged 3 to 15 months.

The maternity ward was completely reconstructed, enlarged and new equipment installed. It is planned to keep about 300 heads of dry cows with heifers in the maternity ward.


Also, the old cowshed was completely reconstructed, new stall and modern ventilation equipment was installed in it. Now two cowsheds accommodate 800 dairy cows. A new road connecting the maternity ward with cowsheds was concreted. A new water tower for 50 m3 of water was installed.

In 2021 we expect to complete the reconstruction of the farm. There are plans to build a new trench for silage storage, a warehouse for compound feeds and three large pens for keeping heifers for up to 800 heifers, as well as a bull fattening pen and a new site for individual houses for keeping calves from birth to 3 months. We plan that after the construction the farm will be designed for 2 600 head of cattle: of which about 1 000 feed cows, dairy cows will be kept on a leash, and for dry cows we plan to create conditions of special comfort with loose housing, deep bedding, roofing , access to water and other amenities. We are currently increasing our population by introducing our own heifers into the herd.

In addition to building the farm, we are also actively working to increase milk yield. When we bought this farm, we had an average daily yield of 9 tons. Now the milk yield from the farm per day is about 18 tons. We plan to increase gross milk yield per day to 25 tons. To do this, we work out all technological processes (feeding, milking, veterinary service), conduct staff training. We pay considerable attention to the procurement of feed.

To implement all plans and quality standards, new equipment was purchased for the farm: equipment for milking, ventilation and farm maintenance. We make every effort to ensure that our employees enjoy and work comfortably on a fully equipped modern farm. After all, the farm in the village of Maryevka has imported equipment. Feeding and bedding equipment is also foreign-made.

The development of the farm also takes into account the needs of employees. We created a rest room for milkmaids, bought new furniture so that employees could rest in comfortable conditions after the shift. The company highly values hard-working, dedicated, caring people who do their job honestly and conscientiously.

In addition to cattle breeding and milk production, there is another area of work on our farm – the production of universal organic fertilizer – compost. In 2020, we produced and sold about 6 000 tons of compost. Now we are actively developing this activity, which is very popular abroad and is becoming more and more interesting for Ukrainian producers, from manure we get organic fertilizer – compost called “Organic Compost”.

Organic Compost” – is a high-quality universal organic fertilizer with an optimal ratio of nutrients (calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron, iron), which have a positive effect on soil properties, water and air nutrition of plants, as well as help plants to get the necessary nutrients, fertilizer decontaminated from pathogens and weed seeds.

Due to its special composition, compost can be used as a universal and very valuable fertilizer for all types of garden and horticultural crops.

Thus, a dairy farm in the village of Maryevka is actively developing,  we have significant capacity and huge opportunities for development, we want to move forward. We develop our region, pay a significant amount of taxes to the local budget, give people jobs. We will reach a prosperous future for Ukraine and we are doing everything for that!

My dream is a big, prosperous, stable farm, where workers get a high salary! ”


It is nice to realize that we are not talking about some distant productive foreign farms, but about our modern Ukrainian farm in the village  of Maryevka of Sumy district!

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