Summarizing the results of the last half of the year. The average milk yield for a cow at the enterprises has increased in seven months, but milk production in Ukraine has decreased


Experts of Moloko Vitchyzny LLC constantly monitor current news of the dairy industry. Therefore, we share with you the latest data from the State Statistics Service.

In January-July 2020, the gross yield of cow’s milk in agricultural enterprises reached 1,6 million tons. This is 0,1% less than in the same period last year.

At the same time, milk production in Ukraine for seven months, decreased by 3,9%. This is shown in the graph.

Fig.1 – Milk production in Ukraine by farms of all forms of ownership, thousand tons

The reduction in production is mainly due to the homestead sector. While the production of industrial milk has suffered very little loss during this period.

Fig. 2 – Milk production in households, thousand tons.

The homestead sector for seven months of this year reduced milk production by 5,1% – to 3,904 million tons.

Fig. 3 – Milk production by agricultural enterprises, thousand tons

Enterprises produced 1,635 million tons of milk, 1,1% less than last year

Consider the data by regions

The enterprises of Poltavska oblast received the most milk in seven months – 232,1 thousand tons, although it is 1,9% less than in January-July 2019.

Ternopilska oblast is the leader in terms of milk growth rates for this period (+ 14,8%). Company Moloko Vitchyzny is also actively working in this direction. Currently, the average daily milk yield for a cow at the farmt is  32 liters. Our aim is to systematically increase this figure.

Let’s define leaders across Ukraine: the best indicator of average milking from a cow is – in Mykolaevska oblast – 4,9 thousand tons of milk.

And the highest rates of increase in the average milk yield per cow is showen by Chernivetska oblast – 23,3%.

These were the results of the first half of this year compared to last year. We expect optimistic forecasts and improvement of indicators, we work for the development of the dairy industry of our country!

Always stay up to date with the latest news and events together with Moloko Vitchyzny  LLC!


The material was prepared on the basis of the electronic edition “Analytical Review of the Dairy Market” for August 2020 from AMP.

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