Summarizing the results of the last half of the year. In Ukraine, the reduction of cattle continues

   For several years now, the number of cattle in Ukraine has been declining, both in households and in industrial enterprises.

   As of August 1, 2020, the dairy livestock in Ukraine was estimated at almost 1,77 million heads, which is 6,3% less than on the same date in 2019, the number of cattle  is  about 3,14 million, which is 5,7% less than last year. This was reported by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.

Fig. 1 – Total number of cows in 2019-2020, thousand heads

426,4 thousand heads were recorded in industrial enterprises, a decrease is  6%, and 1,349 million heads (-6,4%) in households. The average monthly rate of decline is about 1,5 thousand heads/month.

Fig. 2 – Number of cows in agricultural enterprises, thousand heads

Fig. 3 – Number of cows in households, thousand heads

Experts say the reasons for the decline in industrial enterprises are the presence of low-yielding livestock or farms with low economic performance, rising prices for concentrated feed, low purchasing ability  of the population, as well as negative impact on raw milk prices, which are lower than last year.

However, the growth of industrial livestock is possible with the investment and introduction of advanced technologies and clear and long-term government support.

The company Moloko Vitchyzny  constantly cares about development and innovation in our business, so we are determined, looking for prospects, making plans for the future – developing the dairy industry of Ukraine!


The material was prepared on the basis of the electronic edition “Analytical Review of the Dairy Market” for August 2020 from AMP.

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