Prices for raw milk have stabilized


“Moloko Vitchyzny”LLC is engaged in the production of raw milk of extra quality. We work with many companies all over  Ukraine and supply them with raw milk for processing. Our milk is of the highest quality with high fat and protein content. The total production of the three dairy farms is up to 62 tons per day.

The prices for raw milk in Ukraine and in the world, which we regularly analyze and monitor are as important for us as for other producers.

Our expert comments on the market situation as following: “Currently, the demand for dairy products is recovering and, as a result, purchase prices for raw materials are stabilizing. I believe, that the dynamics of price growth will be seen in the nearest future”.

Monitoring by Assosiation of Milk Producers’s Analytical Department in May showed that prices have influenced no significant changes for all three grades. The average price for extra grade in Ukraine is 10.1 UAH / kg, in terms of regions, price fluctuations remained in the ranges:

  • western – 9.50-9.80 UAH / kg;
  • eastern – 9.7-9.90 UAH / kg;
  • northern – 9.80-10.15 UAH / kg,
  • southern – 9.7-10.30 UAH / kg,
  • central – 10.0-10.15 UAH / kg.

The average price for high-quality raw milk in May was 9.57 UAH / kg, and the first one remained at the level of 8.92 UAH / kg. The weighted average price of three varieties is UAH 9.53 / kg.

The fall in the weighted average price in May, compared to February this year, amounted to 6.7% (-71 kopecks). However, the May price remained 5.5% higher than in May last year.

The rise of prices will largely depend on the dynamics of recovery of both domestic and world demand. Traditionally, price growth begins in July, but with a shortage of raw materials, this process this year may begin in June.


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