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“Reaching the target –  is the responsibility of the farm director or manager, but make sure that every employee understands and feels involved and that they know, why some work is being done for,” says Fedir Roshka, CEO of  “Moloko Vitchyzny” LLC.

“As in any team, our team also has disputes or misunderstandings, but we have learned to minimize them. How? First of all, we make sure that all participants in the production process have a clear understanding of the end goal, and without good communication at all levels – from the director to the ordinary employee – there is no way to do it, ” – he notes.

Lets look at animal vaccination. What is it for? Because it is the next task on your vet plan or to prevent illness? Yes, but not exactly.

“We do the vaccination mainly to get milk. We talk about the causes and consequences of an irresponsible approach to vaccination, both, at the general meetings of the team and during conversations with individual employees, ”- says the CEO of the company.

To organize teamwork on the farm you need to consider:

  • standard operating procedures;
  • farm features;
  • valuable time;
  • priority of tasks;
  • evaluation, motivation and recruitment;
  • control and analysis of work.

More about the secrets of success on a dairy farm, read in a magazine “Milk and Farm” № 2 (57), April 2020.

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