Healthy soil, generous harvest – “Organic Compost”! Corn

The company “Moloko Vitchyzny”, in addition to milk production, is also engaged in the production of high-quality organic fertilizer – compost, which contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and other plant nutrients.

We and our partners actively use compost in agronomy to grow crops on our fields. In a series of articles we want to share the experience of growing various crops – corn, soybeans, sunflowers using fertilizer “Organic Compost”. We give practical advice on the use of compost, reveal the specifics of its use on the example of different crops. Read and take note!

Thus, corn – is one of the most highly productive cereals of universal purpose. We grow corn to make cow feed. The root system of corn is fibrous, well developed, individual roots penetrate into the soil to a depth of 2-3 m. The root has several tiers: germinal, hypocotyl, epicotyl, underground nodular and aboveground stem (air or resistance). The bulk of the root system consists of underground nodal roots, which sink into the soil to 2.5 m or more and diverge in a radius of more than 1 m. Tiered placement of roots in the soil with the predominance of the main part of them in the humus layer more fully provides the plant with nutrients and moisture due to summer rainfall.

Due to such features of the root system of this crop, the main application of compost should be carried out in the amount of 7 t / ha. Compost contains a large number of nutrients of organic origin, and they have the most accessible form for the assimilation of all nutrients by the plant. Compost improves the quality and structure of the soil, which ensures the respiration of the root system of corn, because it has aerial roots, for corn it is necessary! Compost prevents over-compaction of the top layer of soil and thus helps retain moisture accumulated during the growing season. Also, the presence of compost in the soil prevents the formation of cracks and soil crust, through which moisture escapes.

It should be noted that the current state of the fields of Ukraine, which have not been fertilized for years (!), especially requires the application of organic fertilizers. And compost will not only improve the structure of the soil, giving it useful properties, but also increase yields. Note that the application of compost “Organic Compost” increases the yield of corn by 15-20%!

Spreading of the compost is carried out in a continuous way, for optimal results it is recommended to process the land immediately. Our compost has a prolonged effect, which reveals its potential over the next three years.

It is necessary to realize that climate change and the current state of Ukraine’s fields require careful treatment to soils and a serious approach to agriculture in general. Therefore, it does not matter what crops you grow, but if your goal is to achieve maximum results and a professional approach to business, be sure to enrich the land with nutrients, protect it from weathering and drying for several years to come – use organic fertilizer “Organic Compost” , enriched with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients (calcium, magnesium, zinc, boron, iron), which have a positive effect on soil properties, water and air nutrition of plants, as well as help plants to get the necessary nutrients. The land will thank you!

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