Milk prices continue to rise

The company Moloko Vitchyzny is a producer of extra quality milk, our experts constantly monitor the milk market and analyze the prices of raw milk. Consider in more detail the results of last month and future forecasts.

The latest analytical data of the Association of Milk Producers show a continuation of rising prices for raw milk. In particular, the largest upward trend in prices is for the large batches of the highest quality milk – “extra”.

Thus, according to AMP, in July the average prices for the “extra” grade increased the most – by an average of 14 kopecks, to 10,3 UAH / kg, the higher rose by 12 kopecks, to 9,82 UAH / kg, the first grade added an average of 10 kopecks – 9,19 UAH / kg. During August, raw milk prices continued to grow at a faster pace than in July. This is comforting news for raw milk producers, as in recent months their production costs have increased significantly due to higher prices for feed (oil, grain).

Consider the prices for the beginning of August for the highest / extra grade in more detail by region. They varied within the following limits:

  • western – 9,90 -10,50 UAH / kg;
  • eastern – 9,80 – 10,55 UAH / kg;
  • northern – 9,90 -10,65 UAH / kg;
  • southern – 9,80 – 10,55 UAH / kg;
  • central – 9,90 -10,65 UAH / kg.

Although with some delay, but prices, however, intensified their upward movement. This is a consequence of the seasonal decline in milk production against the background of its annual reduction of 3.7%. At the moment, there is already a revival, especially in the HoReCa segment. Regarding the terms of full recovery, there are different forecasts, which differ significantly, and therefore the price forecast for the current year is too complicated.

Analyzing the current and last year’s prices for raw milk Moloko Vitchyzny LLC, clearly see the same delayed beginning of price growth, which notes AMP. Dynamics of change in the cost of milk compared to the previous month, shown in the table:


Looking at last year’s growth rate of raw milk prices, we see that such growth began in June and continued in the following months until the end of the year. Therefore, given this trend last year and the late start of price growth in 2020, we believe that price growth for raw materials will continue in the future, perhaps even more dynamically than in the previous year.

The quality of the milk from which the products are made and the reliability of its producer is an important guarantee of our healthy future! It is for high-quality raw milk that our partners apply to Moloko Vitchyzny LLC, as we adhere to all requirements and standards in the production process, resulting in the highest quality milk!

We remind you to take care of yourself and your loved ones, buy only quality products and be healthy!

The company Moloko Vitchyzny works for you!

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