Healthy soil, generous harvest – “Organic Compost”! Sunflower

We want to dedicate today’s article to the topic of sunflower cultivation, as Ukraine is the largest producer in the world and a supplier to foreign markets of sunflower seeds and sunflower oil. In the last year alone, the area under sunflower has increased by 500 thousand hectares.This was achieved due to the stability of the domestic market of sunflower, as evidenced by the constant demand of processing companies and exporters during the season, high purchase prices, which ensure a high level of profitability of this crop. During the processing of seeds, in addition to oil, cake or meal is obtained, which is a valuable feed in animal husbandry. Sunflower meal is a nutritious fodder for cattle. Sunflower stalks are used for the silo.

So, let’s look at how to get a bountiful harvest of sunflowers. It is grown in all regions of Ukraine, but most – in the southern and central regions. Note that it is there that strong wind erosions have recently been recorded, turning fertile lands into desert. Unfortunately, climate change is inevitable, so you need to take care of the soil in advance – to improve soil structure, prevent weathering and enrich it with nutrients – “Organic Compost” will help you with this. We reveal the secrets further.

Sunflower – is a heat-loving and drought-resistant plant, its roots get moisture from the lower layers of the soil, so plowing and deep loosening are well suited for the formation of the root system in sunflower plants; the root system is highly developed, sandy and loamy chernozems are the most suitable for growing.

Sunflower is a culture of intensive nutrition, demanding to the reserves of nutrients in the soil. Therefore, to get a good harvest, fertilize the soil under the sunflower regularly.

Sunflower is very picky about potassium. It is the sunflower that needs it for the most active growth and development. Compost “Organic Compost” contains the maximum amount of potassium: more than 70 kg of potassium is concentrated in 1 ton of compost! Thanks to potassium, sunflower better withstands arid conditions and optimizes the use of moisture. According to experts, the use of compost increases the yield of sunflower by 10-15%.

The main application of compost is 6 t / ha, carried out in autumn with a series of deep loosening and light disking to a depth of 4-5 cm. With this measure we prepare and level the field for sowing sunflower, enrich it with a full range of nutrients. In addition, the use of compost will help reduce costs by 15% compared to the cost of mineral fertilizers. Therefore, the use of compost will not only help to accumulate humus in the soil and a full range of micro- and macronutrients, but also save!

Favorable price situation and attractive level of profitability will encourage farmers to grow sunflowers. At the same time, it is advisable to adhere to crop rotation and agricultural technology, which in turn will help to obtain the projected yields and proper product quality. Currently, the market needs quality and inexpensive goods. Therefore, the reserves for increasing income are in the careful observance of agro-technological measures and the use of “Organic compost”.

If you want to make compost application for plowing to get a cumulative effect, we recommend increasing the rate of application for any crop by 20-30%.

These are the basic tips of our expert. We hope you will use them and be satisfied with the result!

Good weather and a bountiful harvest! Use “Organic Compost” – a quality universal organic fertilizer for the best results in your field.

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