Compost saves farmer’s money


LLC “Moloko Vitchyzny” produces high-quality versatile organic fertilizer “Organic Compost”.

Composting –  is a method of producing fertilizers from various organic wastes to produce environmentally friendly products and improve soil.

Using compost will save a lot of money. But only a high quality product should be used!

High-quality compost is of earthy color, well crumbled, no rotting odor, plant residues must be fully decomposed, no weed seeds, humidity from 40% to 60%.

It is important to pay attention to the chemical composition of the product, for example, “Organic compost” of our production has a rich chemical composition, so it is applied in a much smaller amount than other types of fertilizers, has a prolonged effect: preserves and enriches the soil, increases fertility for long term (aftereffect over the next 2-3 years); increases the resistance of plants to adverse environmental factors and diseases, completely reduces the use of traditional pesticides, free from weed seeds, helminth eggs, harmful microflora, inhibits putrefactive processes.

Thus, using high-quality organic compost, farmers can save money on the amount of input, without spending additional resources on the treatment of plants against diseases, pests, and at the same time increase crop capacity and profits. It is profitable and effective!

It should be mentioned that composting is also a source of beneficial microflora that we bring into the soil. I would like to emphasize that compost is needed not only for plants, but also for microorganisms that live in the soil. Thus, by providing nutrition to other living organisms, we improve the soil and increase its value, and therefore receive stable crops in the coming years. This is an additional opportunity to restore the fertile soil layer, humus.

Having a healthy soil is one of the important tasks of agronomy, and compost is one of the key factors for soil health.

Therefore, a stable crop capacity and higher quality of crops is a valid argument for using compost.

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